Falling in Love

I was in the library, an airy and bright space filled with sunlight. As the light shone through glass windows and bounced in the room, the room seemed unprecedentedly alive. Although the calendar said it was late fall, the temperature and luminance implied spring.

You said you would be busy for a while but before you verbally told me so, I had already known it as a matter of fact. Since the day we met and spent that afternoon together, I have started to direct a little extra attention to you every time we saw each other, even passingly.

On that Sunday, you were assisting guests who came to the library for a consultation. While you were busy, I waited at my desk, lightheartedly reading the book in my hands; I periodically raised my head and looked across the hall, pretending to appreciate the picturesque view, although what I was really trying to do was to catch a glimpse of you. The afternoon sun threw elongated shadows of the wide beams on the floor in the hallway and left shafts of light roaming in the room. The ambiance smelled like your perfume and you looked perfect as you always have been.

As the Sunday afternoon traffic in the library attenuated, the atmosphere became less tense and more intimate. There were just you with the guests, very few visitors browsing newly arrived titles, and me sitting over here. Then you finished your consultation and walked with the guests across the hall in my direction. Your footsteps became crisper as you walked over and my pulsation felt stronger. I almost made a split-second decision to dodge your looking me in the eyes but that did not happen because I would not want to lose any opportunity to see your smile.

You walked past me.

I might have appeared composed but deep inside I was really wondering if you would later have a moment for me. Then some magic happened—after you sent the guests away, you returned. You stood across my desk; we did not speak a word; but you raised your hand and reached mine. The warmth of your hand filled every empty space of my heart as the sunlight filled every corner of the room.

It was nothing but a dream, but I was happy to be falling in love with you in this dream.

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