I Had a Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night about the rain. I was in a small town like Kirksville but not quite Kirksville, visiting friends.

Summer came, rain fell and the 3 PM looked like 8 PM. The rainy/overcast weather masked the sun and left everything in grey color. There was a playground in the middle of the school campus, and I was cheerfully running across the playground w lots and lots of people in the rain. Most of them are from high school; some of them bullied me or maybe just didn’t play nicely. However, nothing really mattered because it was hard to believe but rather true that I was happy with them this time. As the daylight became dimer, I felt the gathering was coming to an end so I left for home. On my way back to the dorm I heard the symphony of the rain. It sounded like pipes from a church I ran into in Frankfurt Germany; it was grand and robust. Then I saw neon colors on the little water ponds formed on the streets. And when the raindrops fell onto the ponds and pierced the surface of the water, I saw the colors fragmented and shattered into even more colors that looked like a piece of contemporary painting, but with incomparable vibrance.

At that point, I wanted to come to you and invite you to join me listening to the sound of the rain. I really thought you were nearby, living next door, in the same neighborhood from the same town, having the same zip code as I do. So I went and looked for you, but I never succeeded.

The day went completely dark, except for the lights from the signs of the taverns that are sparsely distributed on the last street I checked to search for you.

I then realized that you were not around. I realized that I was in Boston. And there was actually no one like you. I realized that there wasn’t really something as, “A big city offers more to do and enjoy”, because the ones you love and care about never existed, no matter where you were.

Then I woke up. A Monday without work. Reality prescreened in a dream. But what I have really been reminded of from that dream, is to take care of people that you still care about.

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