Not a Love Song

Overcast skies. Clutters. A trip to Seattle.

An almost completely lackluster day was lying in front of me until I ran across this song. Short and sweet, this folky song lit up my world. Maybe this is what I have always believed in and about love—simple yet unutterably beautiful.

This below is apparently not a love song, but things I love.

I love fighting for what I believe in.
I love people watching.
I love parallax.
I love building and nurturing spiritual connections with people.
I love anything beautiful.
I love asking why.
I love making the impossible possible.
I love empowering people.
I love taking off and landing.
I love hustling.
I love advocating for those who don’t have an opportunity to make their voice heard.
I love post-rock music.
I love putting away all electronics and going off grid for a day or two.
I love listening to inspiring stories.
I love putting things down and sparing all of my time with the ones I love.
I love standing strong for those who can’t.
I love tinkering.
I love learning something new.
I love becoming a little better than yesterday.
I love storytelling, regardless of its shape and form.
I love celebration, not for fortune or luck, but for achievements, no matter how small they may be.
I love listening to the rain.
I love running on a brisk autumn morning by a lake.
I love the New England.
I love to love and hate, sometimes recklessly and fearlessly.
I love confessing my guilts and imperfections.
I love walking through a city.
I love coconut flavored tortilla.
I love cat food.
I love if you enjoyed this song or at least bits of what I love.

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