Come and Play in the Milky Night

Stayed the night in Acadia on the Cadillac Mountain and became entirely captured and mesmerized by the sky full of stars. They revolved, sparked, and continued on and on, appearing to prelude the future of the universe in front of my own eyes and revive the pilgrim’s faithful soul in me. Summer might have been a better time and there were probably also better locations and better nights that are better suited for stargazing, but the brief moment on top of the mountain already helped me find the tangible feeling of tranquility.

On my way down to the Sand Beach, I unexpectedly shut off the engine and jumped into at first pitch dark but later some scenes of a lifetime. After a few seconds in the dark, the stars started to reveal themselves and dress up the sky. The closer I followed their trace, the more stars shone through the few clouds drifting apart, until a very faint yet visual arc was discovered. And that was the Milky Way.

Then some rustle came my way, getting closer and closer – a herd of migrating deer came around me. It all happened the way it did. I was caught off guard and perhaps so was the mother deer who took the lead, cautiously treading around me with her baby deer following along. I was looking the deer in the eye, maybe hoping to say something but really wasn’t. Ocean waves continued to crash onto the shore. The air from afar smelled like pine trees. The night was dimly illuminated by the stars and the shine. I stood there with a group of deer and we just stood there, under the same sky painted with stars in the milky night.

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